Drawing down happiness from its source in Shabbat

The entire creation occurred only to reveal Hashem’s mercy.

Certainly, everything is for the good, despite the fact that in this world we see anger and pain. The main reason for creating man is therefore only for the sake of achieving ‘the purpose’.

And what is ‘the purpose’? Shabbat HaMalka.

All the world suffers such sorrow, because the sin of Adam HaRishon took place on erev Shabbat, before Shabbat HaMalka could come into the world.

If the Shabbat would have arrived, such a light of enjoyment would have entered the entire world that it’s impossible to even describe.

If you want to be happy, focus on the true purpose of life

A person is able to draw down onto himself happiness by focusing on ‘the purpose’, which means knowing that in the end there will be the World to Come, and that there is the light of ‘Shabbat HaMalka’ that was hidden away for the Tzaddikim.

Then everything will turn around for the good and everyone, even the lowest of the low, will merit a pleasantness that is beyond description.

Even now, if a person draws this light down for himself, with everything that he’s going through, he’ll also certainly merit to come out from his exile in the ‘World of Transformations’ and merit everything good (Likutei Halachot, Hilchot Bracha v’Hoda’ah).

Excerpted from Rav Ofer Erez’s new book in English, From the Depths.


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