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The Kayal Taarog Food Baskets for Sabbath program works to relieve hunger for 180 families every week.
Assembled in our Jerusalem warehouse by dedicated volunteers, packages contain practical food staples plus fresh produce, home products and other basic necessities.
Respecting the dignity of the recipients is always a priority at Kayal Taarog, so additional volunteers discreetly deliver the unmarked boxes to their homes on a weekly basis and in time for holidays.
That way, neighbors or even young family members need not know the source of the assistance. Your help is what enables us to do what we do.

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Food Baskets for Sabbath

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Rabbi Ofer Erez

Dear Friends, 
The importance of Jewish outreach is well known as its virtue and great reward has been emphasized by our sages.
After more than a decade of work, we at Kayal Taarog look forward to a full expansion of our operations with the help of G-d and wish to thank our wonderful sponsors.
If it weren’t for the help of countless Jews, we would not have reached the achievements we’ve attained. If it wasn’t for the faith the public had in our potential, that poetntial would never have materialized.
On behalf of Kayal Taarog, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all those precious Jews who donated their money and energy to become partners in this enormous operation of Jewish outreach.
G-d Willing, we look forward to a collaborative and fruitful future on a much larger scale.
Thank you,
Ofer Erez. runs on donations from wonderful people just like you.

Join us in spreading Torah learning and reap the tremendous spiritual reward that comes with it. 

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