How to Cope With Difficult Times

We all go through times of light where our mind is strong and we are able to overcome and see clearly. And sometimes we go through those difficult times when nothing is clear.

We don’t understand the way we are being led by Hashem and it is difficult to deal with.

Sometimes, the spiritual darkness and concealment we find ourselves in can be so overwhelming, we feel like Hashem is pushing us away from Him, G-d forbid, and it can be very hard to hang on.

In the latest video clip from Rav Ofer Erez, shlita, with English subtitles, Rav Ofer explains what the point of all the darkness actually is. What perspective to have and how to act when were in the dark. And how we can pass all the very difficult spiritual tests we’re currently experiencing.

We learn how to accept and embrace the dark times where we can grow even closer then we can during the light.

(Playtime: 8 minutes 40 seconds)

(If you can’t see the English subtitles, go to the YouTube page directly, and click on the square-shaped icon in the bottom right of the screen, to switch on subtitles/captions for this clip).

If you’d like to see more video clips from Rav Ofer Erez, shlita, check out the BRESLEVTUBE channel on Youtube, which is continually adding new classes from Rav Ofer, on a range of Jewish topics.


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