Chanuka – Revealing the hidden light – Part I

Rebbe Nachman writes (in Likutey Moharan 2:12): “the root of the entire creation is glory. Everything that God created was for His glory…And since everything was created for God’s glory, God’s glory is thus the root of all creation.”

Simply speaking, the practical halacha is that we need to honor God. How do we honor God? The Gemara recounts that a person’s will is his honor. So also, when we do the will of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, that’s how we honor Him. God revealed to us what His will is, by way of the Torah, and by way of Tzaddikim, and we need to do Hashem’s will in every place, and with every matter, and in all regards.

The whole of creation rests on one single foundation – to reveal the glory of Hashem. This world is one of hester panim (where God hides His face). Each of us lives in their own private reality, and each day God renews His ‘hiddenness’. Each day, we have more tests, each one of us has to pass through countless trials and tribulations, confusions and doubts. What do we need to do?

A Jewish person in this world needs to search for, make an effort and want to believe in Hashem, and reveal Hashem’s dominion in the world, and to reveal within himself the closeness and connection to Hashem. This is the will of Hashem! Hashem wants us to draw closer to Him from the midst of the hardships, and from the midst of all our difficulties.

Rebbe Nachman says:

The whole of creation, the whole point of the world, everything that happens to each and every one of us from the time that we came down to the world until the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu – everything is so that we’ll fight, and make an effort and exert ourselves to come close to God, so that we’ll feel Him, and believe in Him, and accept His rulership over us.


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