Day #6

Presence of Mind Back to Life

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches us, that main reason that we feel far and disconnected from G-d is our lack of mindfulness and presence of mind.

The evil inclination’s main concern is to make us mindless of everything good we have in our life. We run around distracted by life forgetting to stop and focus on just some of the gifts that G-d gives us every day. From the simplest things to the bigger ones.

When we embark on the journey of gratitude, especially writing or speaking out our thank you’s, we begin to become more mindful of the good in our life.

Every thank you equals more focus, more presence of mind

Today we will try to focus more on our thank you’s. Try and take the simple things as mentioned in the last post. The first ten thank you’s should have a little thought before you say or write it.

By thinking about what we are about to thank for, we are actually becoming mindful of our life. Bringing our mind back into place.

The more we merit to thank G-d the closer and more connected we will feel.

40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.

In the merit of R’ Eliezer ben Etya, Yitzchak ben Saida, Galit Geula bat Ronit, Yitzchak ben Anet, Mordechai Menachem ben Miril. And all of Am Yisrael.


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