Crossing the Bridge


Day #37

Crossing the Bridge

As we come to the end of the challenge it is important to stress some important points we’ve mentioned.

When we thank G-d for everything, we have to remember that there is no bad in the world. G-d only does good and so, everything that happens to us and around us- is good! The ‘bad’ we see is all based on our perception. If we can alter that, we will find ourselves in a much better place. We will find ourselves stronger and closer to G-d.

Everything G-d does is good for us!

Yes, it is difficult. But if we can ingrain this into our minds and our hearts, constantly working on it, we will reach amazing heights! Because this thought is true Emunah and when we have Emunah, we have it all!

With any obstacle that comes our way…thank G-d for it.

It’s not actually an obstacle, it’s just a bridge to cross to get to the other side.

Now, it is up to us to decide how we want to cross that bridge.

Do we want to scrape our feet along the ground, pouting, and complaining the whole way? Or do we want to run, skip, and hop with a huge smile knowing we are only crossing a bridge to get to something bigger and better (and happy we don’t have to swim)?

Complaining the whole way, will not only lengthen the trip, but cause needless problems and worries along the way. Skipping across will get us there happily and carefree, not to mention, faster!

With this thought and knowledge that all is good – we can smile through life.

Without this knowledge, we are putting ourselves through questions, confusions, depression …the list is endless!

It is important for us to remember that everything is a just a bridge. Nothing we see along the way is what will necessarily be at the end. Instead of water, there will be land. Instead of fish, there will be luscious green grass. Instead of sharks, there will be kind messengers…

G-d sends us across many bridges, sometimes a few a day, and sometimes we get a short period of rest. Either way, they are all for us to grow and only benefit from.

We may as well cross the bridge with a smile. Most likely we’ll meet other crossing it too, and how nice to receive that warm smile from someone crossing the same path.




*40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.*


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