Day #36


As we learn to thank G-d, our goal has to be that we are thanking G-d to come to acceptance. Acceptance that G-d only does good and therefore, anything we might be going through, is good and only there to enable us to come closer.

Sometimes, growing closer entails turning to talk and thank G-d. Other times, coming closer can be through suffering to correct a sin (bringing us closer by purifying us). In either case, it is there solely for our benefit.

When we thank G-d for our difficulties, we have the ability to change them and take us out of them entirely. But we need to be cautious with this knowledge. It can sometimes lead us to thank G-d specifically trying to get rid of what we are going through or change it.

Thanking for this purpose may not necessarily help the situation since we have an ulterior motive. But rather, we need to thank G-d for the want and desire to accept that it’s good for us. Even though we can’t understand why or how it can possibly be.

We may not have a job, a spouse, or may even find ourselves in a tight financial situation, each of which, we would rather not be in. But all of these challenges share a common purpose.

G-d is putting us through the challenge for a reason

We might not be certain of the reason, but we can guarantee that it’s to bring us closer to Him. G-d doesn’t push us away, He only pulls us in tight. And so as much, as we would like to thank G-d to purposely change it, we need to realize that the challenge was given to us for our own good.

When we thank Hashem for our difficulties, we need to simultaneously thank Hashem for the fact that they are good for us.

Even though we don’t understand how or why, and as painful and difficult as they may be…they are entirely composed of goodness.

Simply saying ‘thank You’ will bring us a step closer. Even if our situation doesn’t change, and G-d has decided we need to go through it for a specific amount of time – know, that by thanking G-d, He will give us the ability to accept that it is good. He will also gift us with the ability to go through it calmer, more relaxed, and with the recognition of His guiding hand.

*40 days. 100 thank You’s a day. Change your life. See miracles.


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