A Segulah for Happiness

“Incense makes the heart happy.”

Therefore, we need to recite the passages which describe the incense offering with great intention. The main aspect of raising up the sparks of holiness from the depth of the husks is through the incense, and through this, we merit happiness (Likutei Moharan, 24).

Therefore, the ‘Pitum HaKetoret’ section that we say as part of the prayer service is a segulah for happiness.

Incense rises to the highest of heights

It’s written in the holy Zohar: “The taking out of the sacrifices [rises] to Ain Sof”.

This is especially true regarding the incense, which rises to the highest of heights, to ‘Ain Sof’.

Therefore, nothing else subdues the husks like the incense, because the incense purifies every place from the husks, even the lowest places, and raises and connects everything back to Hashem.

In its greatness, it can reach even to the lowest levels (Likutei Halachot, Pri’a v’Rvi’a v’Ishut 2:1).


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