A Million and One Times Over Again

We took the advice of connecting back to our soul after every time we fell and drowned in sin a million times over. However, now it happened again. A million and one times.

The yetzer hara tells us ‘come on, how many times are you going to believe that you can fix. That G-d really loves you right now. You’re a faker! You’re doing this over and over and you keep saying the same thing. That you really want to be pure and not sin’.

Here we must realize that every day is its own creation and every day has its own ups and downs.

No day is connected with the past.

It doesn’t matter if we fell a million times. In the million and one time we still go back to the same advice and repeat. It is a brand-new creation and whatever already happened is no longer here.

If the last time we sinned, we quickly connected back to our inner godly soul then, now is a new opportunity to grow closer and reconnect even stronger.

There is a secret and very high knowledge that Rebbe Nachman reveals to us.

Every time we sin we can come even closer to Hashem.

How is this possible?

 “I have fallen, in the hands of G-d” ‘King david’

If we ignore the yetzer hara within our brain that tells us we are hopeless and reconnect with G-d right after we sin. We thereby cause a tremendous tikun – rectification and give joy to Hashem.

We are basically showing Hashem that when we fall were not falling in the hands of the yetzer hara but we are actually falling in the hands of Hashem.

When the evil inclination sees that every time he gets us to fall and sin, we take that and use it to connect even more with Hashem he will eventually realize that it’s not worth it for him to make us sin.


Rebbe Nachman teaches us that ‘the yetzer hara has no benefit from our sin but only from the sadness and depression that follows’

His entire battle is after we have fallen.

If we cut out the sadness and connect to our soul right away we defeat the yetzer hara. We take away his livelihood, his sustenance. And by doing so we develop a shield against depression and sadness caused by our sins.

May we all merit!

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