baseless hatredvideo

WATCH Full Class: How to Fix Baseless Hatred – Rav Ofer Erez

Baseless Hatred The Biggest Thing Delaying Redemption As the world continues to melt down, as our problems and personal issues continue to stack up. And as the security situation on Israel's borders begins to heat...
A million times over

A Million Times Over Again

A Million Times Over Sometimes we fall so deep into sins and our lusts and that it seems to us that there is no way to get back what we’ve broken and lost. We quickly...
The Final Redemptionvideo

How Do We Prepare for Final Redemption

VIDEO: Rav Ofer explains what we need to do in order to prepare for the final redemption.  As the redemption nears, G-d is preparing each and every one us in very deep spiritual ways. One...
Happy Pesach

Wishing all our readers a kosher and happy Pesach 5778!

Wishing everyone a happy and kosher Pesach, 5778! We wish all of our readers a happy and kosher Pesach, from the team at
Pesach Approach to serving God

The ‘Pesach Approach’ to spirituality

The 'Pesach Approach' to serving Hashem The reality today is that we find ourselves in a very lowly place of difficulties and challenges. But all the spiritual work we continue to do in the midst of...
new way to serve God

A new way to serve God

Now there's a new way of serving God (Read Part I HERE) At the beginning of Am Yisrael becoming a nation, the whole order of drawing closer to Hashem had to occur in a similar way...
New beginnings and Pesach

Pesach and new beginnings

All beginnings were from Pesach In Lesson 74 of the second part of Likutey Moharan, Rebbe Nachman tells us the following: “For initially, all beginnings were from Pesach, which is why all the commandments are a...
Getting out of Egypt

Is this the year I finally get out of Egypt?

Is 5778 the year I finally get out of Egypt? Guest post by Rivka Levy In keeping with my apparent inability to do anything properly this year, my Pesach cleaning hasn’t been going so great guns. Partially,...
True Identity

It’s What You Want that Determines Your True Identity

Your True Identity Many times we come across someone who, in our eyes seems to be on the wrong path and doing seemingly bad things. We usually begin to speculate and judge the given situation, and in...
Snapping out of Denial

Get Real – Snapping out of Our Denial

Snapping out of Denial Rabbi Tzadok Ha-Cohen from Lublin teaches that God doesn't judge us for having bad middot (character traits), lusts and desires. These are all a part of who we are and how...